16 Father's Day Gifts for the Nerdy Dad

16 Father's Day Gifts for the Nerdy Dad

There are dads who watch Football every Sunday, grill meat on the weekends, play catch with their kids, and pound beer with dinner. And then there’s your dad.

Your dad grades math tests every Sunday, reads books like The Foundation Trilogy on the weekends, takes his kids to the science museum, and slowly sips on whiskey after dinner. Your dad, my friend, is a nerd and what better way to celebrate Father's Day than with some sweet nerd gear?

Whether your dad gets excited about space, chemistry, math, or is just an all-around science dork, we’ve got you covered with gear, accessories, and literature to show him how much you appreciate his nerdiness.

For the Space Nerd


Neil deGrasse Tyson Hero of Science T-shirt from Secularity



Custom Moon Phase Cufflinks from Uncommon Goods


Milky Way Galaxy Bow Tie from Cyberoptix



Astronomy 6oz flask from LiquidCourage



For the Chemistry Nerd

Erlenmeyer Flask Lapel Pin from Secularity



Experiment Necktie from Cyberoptix


Scientific instrument patent wall art from Quantum Prints



Elements interactive app by Theodore Gray


For the Math Nerd


Math drinking glasses from Uncommon Goods


Bathsheba Klein bottle opener from Momath




Math themed pencil set from Newton and the Apple




The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov


For the All-Around Science Nerd

Believe in Science t-shirt from Secularity



Antidote survival card game from Bellwether Games


23andMe DNA and Health kit from 23andme.com




Take a trip to your local Science Center!


For science. 🤓